About MyHealth Online

Important Information

South Shore Medical Center has joined South Shore Health System.

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On July 1st, 2017 South Shore Medical Center (SSMC) left Atrius Health and joined the South Shore Health System.
    Your Atrius Health MyHealth Online account was transitioned to be read-only at that time.

On October 1st, 2017, your Atrius Health MyHealth Online account was deactivated/expired.

What does this mean for South Shore Medical Center Patients who used MyHealth Online?

  • Patients should sign up for a new account at
    The new portal should have your medical information available when you log in.
  • Any new communications, refill requests, appointments, etc. should be done using your new account with the South Shore MyChart portal.

"Your account has expired"

If you see this message when you attempt to log into your account, or you were directed here when you logged in, we have identified you as a SSMC patient who has NOT been seen recently at Atrius Health.

If this is incorrect, if you have been seen recently by an Atrius Health provider (not at a SSMC location),
please click here to send us an email.

The subject of the email should be "MyHealth Online expired account inquiry" and include the following information:
Your full name:
Date of birth:
Atrius Health provider seen:
Location of last appointment:
Date of last appointment:

We cannot re-activate patients who are not current Atrius Health patients.

Deactivations did NOT APPLY to patients who had been seen at an Atrius Health location outside of South Shore Medical Center (for example, a visit with a specialist at Quincy) within the past 3 years.

Atrius Health is dedicated to providing a smooth transition to all affected patients.